The Northwest Farmers Union Policy Book is discussed, debated and adopted at our Annual Conventions. The Policy Book guides our work all year long and provides an overview of the public policies for a food, fiber and energy policy we believe are essential to our region’s long-term sustainability. The Policy Book helps us to introduce ourselves to prospective new members – and to policy makers.

NWFU is a grassroots and member-driven organization and members are invited to submit proposed revisions and amendments to the Policy Book to our Policy Committee. Prior to our Annual Meeting, the NWFU Policy Committee meets to consider all proposals from members and from the NWFU Legislative Committee and them membership at large. All revisions as accepted by the Policy Committee are made available to the membership no fewer than 10 days prior to the Annual Convention by electronic notice and by publication on the NWFU website. At the Annual Convention, members present will be asked to vote on the Policy Book as revised. Amendments may also be proposed from the floor.

Guidelines for policy proposals

NWFU Members in good standing may submit proposed revisions or additions to the policy book at any time.

Proposals must be submitted using this official form.

Proposals received at least 30 days prior to the NWFU annual meeting will be reviewed by the Policy Committee, which will decide whether or not to approve a proposal as submitted, approve it with revisions, or reject it. A majority vote of the Policy Committee shall be required to move the proposal on to the annual meeting for consideration.

Individuals who submit proposals may be called upon to discuss their proposals with the Committee.

It shall be the Policy Committee’s responsibility to determine if the proposed revision or addition requires changes to other language in the book in order to avoid contradictory positions, and to amend the proposal or other language if needed.

The NWFU Legislative Committee may also propose revisions or additions to the policy book when such revisions or additions are approved by majority vote of the Committee.

The Policy Committee may also propose revisions or additions to the policy book. A majority vote by the Committee shall be required to move its proposed revisions or additions on to the Annual Meeting for consideration.

Proposals and the decisions of the Policy Committee will be published on the NWFU website no less than 30 days prior to the annual meeting. Members will be notified of their availability for review.

NWFU Members in good standing may also propose revisions or additions to the policy book from the floor during the annual meeting. Proposals must be submitted in writing, using the NWFU form, and the author of the proposal identified. The author may be asked to clarify or speak to the proposal. The Chair of the Policy Committee or the Chair’s designee will be asked to comment on the proposal, and may recommend amendments to the proposal or that the proposal be referred to the Committee for additional review and discussion. Discussion on any proposal made from the floor will be limited to a maximum of five minutes, unless a majority of members present vote to allow further discussion.

A majority vote of members present is required for passage of any individual policy proposals, and for adoption of the policy book, with any revisions, for the following year.