(AUG. 24, 2016)


Contact: Kent Wright, 509-435-3590


WASHINGTON STATE (AUG. 24, 2016) – Northwest Farmers Union (NWFU) was involved in a discussion to raise the Washington State Beef Check Off recently in Sprague, Washington. Cattle producers from around the state as well as a contingent of NWFU members were present as well as Senator Judy Warnick and Representative Tom Dent. This is not the first time that NWFU members have spoke out against a rate hike in the Beef Check Off; whose dollars don’t seem to be finding their way to the rancher producers.


NWFU member Mark Ellis addressed the representation of cattle producers in Washington state, “There needs to be a good survey that shows a majority of cattle producers and their feelings and not just groups who say they represent cattleman to get a true feeling for what cattle producers are wanting with the Beef Check Off.”


Warnick and Dent have been present in a number of meetings where the Beef Check Off was discussed. Senator Warnick recently halted her bill SB 6638 after a strong opposition rose up to speak against her bill. Cattleman from around the state mobilized quickly to speak in Olympia as well as call their respective representatives and with word circulating of a hike again there are more phone calls being made.


Kent Wright NWFU president spoke about the Beef Check Off adding, “When you get out and talk with producers we have been hearing a lot of questions being asked about the Beef Check Off and we want to make sure that those questions are answered and accepted before we move forward with any kind of increase to the current program.”


The Northwest Farmers Union is advocating for farming and ranching families throughout the states of Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Go to and contact Kent Wright to learn more about how to get involved with NWFU. This topic and many more will be discussed at the upcoming NWFU Convention on October 8th at Walla Walla, Washington.


Northwest Farmers Union is working to protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities through advocating grassroots-driven policy positions adopted by its membership.

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