(FEB. 14, 2016)


Contact: Kent Wright, 509-435-3590


OREGON (FEB. 14, 2016) – Northwest Farmers Union (NWFU) and President Kent Wright co-hosted an educational session on Industrial Hemp in the Oregon state capitol of Salem, OR. The event was designed as an informative session for parties who were interested in growing Industrial Hemp or those who wanted to know how the crop may affect them. The event was well attended with roughly fifty individuals in attendance.


Three Industrial Hemp farmers (Jerry Norton, Cliff Thomason, Seth Crawford) from the state of Oregon were on hand to answer questions as well as a lobbyist on Industrial Hemp in the state of Oregon Courtney Moran. Jerry Norton an Oregon Industrial Hemp farmer spoke about the future of Oregon and Industrial Hemp as, “All eyes are on Oregon right now for Industrial Hemp.”


The Northwest Farmers Union is family farm and ranch organization that hosts a wide range of producers and consumers as its’ members. The organization works to put on educational events like the one on Industrial Hemp to educate consumers and producers alike about the affects of various crops.


A number of interested parties were on hand from local students, to interested producers as well as Oregon Representative Carl Wilson who spoke at the event saying, “I think hemp is going to get us there.”


NWFU President Kent Wright spoke at the event briefly adding, “The Northwest Farmers Union is here to support the Industrial Hemp change.”


More information about upcoming events and educational seminar by the NWFU can be found at their website


Northwest Farmers Union is working to protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities through advocating grassroots-driven policy positions adopted by its membership.

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