(DEC. 31, 2014)


Contact: Kent Wright, 509-435-3590


WASHINGTON STATE (DEC. 31, 2014) – Northwest Farmers Union (NWFU) is sending two of its’ women members (Tiffany Wright and Kamela Helsing) to the NFU Women’s Conference in Clearwater, Florida. The event is set to provide participants with the tools and information to aide women in confidently managing their business risks on the farm or ranch as well as improving upon their rural leadership skills.


“This is an exciting step for our young women members to have the opportunity to network and learn with other women from around the world,” stated NFU President Kent Wright. “I think folks in the Northwest are going to really gain from these young ladies going to this event as they will come back more knowledgeable and with a stronger set of tools at their disposal to not only help their farms and ranches, but to educate others as well.”


The adult women’s education event is centered around a multi-faceted educational opportunity catered to female situations. Finances, leadership, production, marketing, estate planning and even fitness time is squeezed into the five day event. A wide range of speakers will be attending the event as well as local farm tours will round out the time in the Florida sun.


When Tiffany Wright was asked about her involvement in attending the event on behalf of the Northwest Farmers Union she was all smiles. “I hope to take away a stronger sense of leadership as a woman in agriculture and gain a better understanding of what the marketplace has for women today. Being a wife, a mother and woman in agriculture I find that every moment throughout the day is precious and I am excited to see how other women are able to cope with the rigors of everyday life and hopefully take away some insightful tips,” Tiffany said.


Upon returning from the event the ladies plan to keep traveling throughout the northwest educating others on what they learned during their time in Florida. While their locations aren’t all set up yet they do have a tentative start date of February 21 in Vancouver, WA at the Clark County Extension office. If you are interested in having Tiffany and Kamela come to see you and share their experience please contact them by going to

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