(DEC. 4, 2014)

Contact: Kent Wright, 509-435-3590


WASHINGTON STATE (OCT. 3, 2014) – Northwest Farmers Union (NWFU) and President Kent Wright hosted an informational discussion on the proposed new beef checkoff program that USDA Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack is promoting throughout the U.S. The meeting was attended by a strong contingent from the Cow Producers of Washington group as well as additional cattle producers from around Washington state.

“Getting to have so many cattle producers from my native Washington in one room was great,” said Wright. “We wanted to get a feeling for what folks who are actually affected by this potential program thought about it and we have a better understanding now.”

Many groups have been involved in the current checkoff and the secretary has created a comment period for people and organizations to comment on the program. Wright and the Northwest Farmers Union are a regional organization under the National Farmers Union, which has been very vocal on the issue.

“As a cattle producer and someone who is a part of cattle organizations it is very important that we have a good representation here in the northwest so that way our voices are heard,” mentions Wright.

Wright is advocating for groups and individuals to come together to talk about the important issues throughout the northwest and create a unified voice. Wright finishes by saying, “I am here as a resource to be available to producers and consumers in the northwest, but I need folks to come to our meetings and contact us when they have an issue that we can help with.”

The current comment period is scheduled to end on the 10th of December and comments can be posted online or by mail.

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