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WASHINGTON STATE (NOV. 21, 2014) – Northwest Farmers Union (NWFU) President Kent Wright sat in on a strategy discussion meeting on November 15th. Wright sat in on the meeting as leader in the northwest agriculture industry as well as a farmer/rancher who could speak to the affects of the oil trains in the northwest.


“I am excited to be able to discuss and promote a strategy that will be helpful for agriculture producers in the northwest,” said Wright. “We have seen recent issues regarding oil trains and the issues that they were causing for farmers and ranchers in the midwest and we want to try and prevent those kinds of problems in the northwest before they get here.”


Wright noted that National Farmers Union (national branch over NWFU) has taken a big step towards maintaining accountability and continued support of the railroads and the agriculture producers. Through NFU and other state organizations the effects of the oil train cars in the midwest has seen an increase in productivity and accessibility for agriculture products.


“The fact that informed officials were asking for our presence and opinion at a meeting like this goes to show the respect and understanding that folks in the northwest have for agriculture,” said Wright. “The success of agriculture producers in the northwest would not be possible without the consumers right here in the northwest.”


The meeting was a follow up to the statewide summit meetings that were held on the topic this past summer. Many individuals and organizations came out to speak on the topic and had a good deal of controversy over the topic. More publications and meetings are expected to be held on the topic as the oil boom continues its’ way westward.


“The ability to have a safe and vibrant northwest setting for northwest agriculture producers is a priority for NWFU, said Wright. “I am happy to be able to be a part of creating a safer northwest by being present at these kinds of discussions.”

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