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WASHINGTON STATE (OCT. 3, 2014) – Northwest Farmers Union (NWFU) President Kent Wright was nominated for a seat on the United States Cattleman’s Association (USCA) Board of Directors on October 3rd in Bismarck, North Dakota. Wright was nominated for the position of USCA Region 1 representative, which covers Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.


“Having the opportunity to be around as many great cattle producers as there are in U.S. Cattleman’s is something that I am very excited about,” said Wright. “I look forward to meeting and talking with producers in my region and seeing what I can do to help them; as well as learn from them.”


Wright noted that U.S Cattleman’s has seen a similar line of thinking with National Farmers Union (national branch over NWFU) on many issues at the national level in Washington D.C.

Both organizations have a strong presence in the nation’s capitol and strive to see the needs and concerns of farmers and ranchers met from all over the country.


“I have had the pleasure of working with a number of folks from US Cattleman’s in the past, like Jess Peterson and Leo McDonald, and can only hope to continue to learn from them moving forward,” said Wright. “Ranching is in my blood and being able to utilize my background in the industry to educate and help others is a rewarding experience.”

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