Our Vision & Mission

We envision a Northwest community which integrates regenerative agriculture, ecology, and economies for the lasting health of all.

Through education, cooperation and advocacy, the Northwest Farmers Union cultivates a more just, ecologically beneficial, and thriving economy for family farmers, ranchers and fishers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

The Farmer's Share Of The Retail Dollar

Farmers and ranchers receive just 14.6* cents of the consumer food dollar.


1 Pound

Retail: $8.99
Farmer: $1.84

2 Pounds

Retail: $3.99
Farmer: $0.11

1 Pound

Retail: $2.89
Farmer: $0.38

1 Gallon

Retail: $4.59
Farmer: $1.56

We stand for

Regenerative agriculture & ecology
Family farmer vitality
Resilient economies
Community health