The National Farmers Union started in Point, Texas in 1902 and today there are a ton of state and regional chapters.  A high concentration of the state chapters fall in the mid-west and east coast. The first local organization in the northwest convened in 1907 at Waitsburg, Washington.  That first organization quickly moved into the strong wheat belts of Washington which carried the momentum to the northwest states of Idaho and Oregon. 

The representation and concentration in the northwest has ridden a roller coaster with waves of excitement and numbers of members- all experiencing the effects of the fluctuating economy, evolution in agriculture, and politics.   There were many years of stagnation for the farmers union in the northwest until the early 80's when a new group came in and made a push for a chartered division in the northwest.  In the decade or so to follow, as the numbers increased, the region was able to separate and have chapters in the individual states of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. 

Another decade plus passes which brings us to present day, more than 100 years since the first National Farmers Union presence was made in Washington state, however the northwest stands with little voice and under represented. With a lack of progression and membership found in the individual states, we have once again joined forces as the region of the northwest and stand as the Northwest Farmers Union.

Looking back on the history of our great organization is an important part of showcasing how great we have been and all of the wonderful differences people have made on our home states of Washington, Idaho and Oregon. A strong fire is burning in the Northwest Farmers Union to be remembered as a time when the organization rose from single states to unite together to form a stronger more diversified organization. One that will be remembered for differences made and lives changed; a true stamp on the Northwest!


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